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 Festivals for "Final Audition"

Small town America loses its lead actor for the community theatre’s big show.

Four guys with disabilities show up. Three officially audition. One gets the part.

Why does the humorously visible become cripplingly invisible?

And how is the “final audition” a mirror of reality?

"Blind Date"
brings laughter to crowds


 Dating is complicated enough, but when trying to meet "Peep2Peep,"

this young couple confront the silent film near-misses of modern times.  LOL

Choreographed on one (in)famous corner of Flagstaff.  OMG

See the trailer for "Blind Date" here.

"Lock-Down" premiered in Las Vegas in August 2017.

Like many public schools, this one received a threatening call.  Trapped inside, a daughter texts her dad.  He shows up.

Watch it here.

"JFK's Last Interview"
seen at The SIFF, February 2017!

Mary, an eighth grader in Dallas, won the honor to interview the President for her school newspaper.  Mary was well-read, sharp beyond her years, and in for a surprise that next fate-filled day.  This short film is her memory of that event.   You can watch it here.

Interview with Steve Andreas


Steve Andreas has been an innovator in psychotherapy training for decades.  He worked with many masters including Abraham Maslow, Fritz Perls, and Milton Erickson, and has contributed significantly to the process of therapeutic change.  Filmed in Hawaii, this interview of "Briefest Moments" captures a great variety of insightful professional and personal stories.        Preview it here.


   Community Celebration of "Changing Gears"

The premiere at The Orpheum Theater was a huge success!  Our apologies to the 100+ people who got turned away - thanks to you and the 400 who made it into the historic theater to enjoy the film.

The film and the showing were.......
Wonderful,  Wonderful,   Wonderful!!!!!   Multo Stupendo!
..........and full of lots of joy.
                                                                                     - audience member

 Yes, DVD's still play in that box...

"Changing Gears" on DVD (along with the 20 minutes of Bonus Features) spins away!

The DVD will be on sale at the next event,              

 is currently in stores near you           

                         OR you can buy now online!

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