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About SHOT BY GUNN Productions

Chris Gunn, founder of SHOT BY GUNN Productions, got his recent start in the digital movie biz with the production of short films (documentary, music video, mockumentary) and success in seven film festivals in Arizona. He peddled his way up to the professional 58-minute production of “Changing Gears: Flagstaff and The Mountain Bike” through new training and teamwork.

In addition to making commercials, website videos, short films, and collaborating on projects, SHOTBYGUNN is currently in production of a meaning-filled documentary called "Staying Sane in an Insane World."

SBG also writes, films, edits, and produces short videos for local not-for-profit organizations to document their services to the community. Chris' training and years of work as a licensed psychologist often play a complimentary role in the production of these educational shorts.

The 2015 AMFM Fest

Both "Blind Date" and "JFK's Last

Interview" premiered in

The AMFM Fest.

The 2012 FMFF

SBG's 13-minute film "Caught Between" premiered in the popular film fest. Read about it and see it online.

The 2011 FMFF

Bikers, hikers, and bird watchers came out for the big screen viewing of "Changing Gears" at the 2011 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival. It was a great success. Thanks to all who supported the film festival and this spinning documentary.

The 2010 FMFF

The blasting brief "Blow No More" made its debut at the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival in October 2010. Read a full description and watch the 5-minute salute to the end of Flag's train whistle here.

A Classic Review of SBG's Mockumentary

The mockumentary "Fab Flag Duo" got two thumbs up in the Cave Creek Film and Arts Festival. William Pierce, the Phoenix Indie Film Examiner, wrote on July 19, 2010:

"The Fabulous Flag Duo" by producer Chris Gunn

Filmmaker Gunn takes us on a playful romp through Flagstaff as we search for the elusive cross-country skiing duo of Burt and Bob. Along the way we meet a cornucopia of Flagstaff citizenry as they relate their encounters with the pair. The Fabulous Flag Duo is less a documentary and more a lovingly created tribute to fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Final Take – Ski you later.

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