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Now in production:                                       "Staying Sane in an                             Insane World"

On a daily basis, if not hourly, we learn of global, national, regional, and local tragedies.  Tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, corporate corruption, mass murders, war, oil spills, terrorist acts, droughts, car accidents, political scandals, and cancer, among others events of impact, are now part of our regular experiences.  Personal disasters are even harder and closer to our hearts.  This documentary takes the Studs Terkel approach, interviewing people at work, doing what they do daily, to explore how they – not theologians or politicians or professional philosophers – make sense of what some call “the insanity” or “craziness” of such events in our lives.

The filmmaker, Chris Gunn, is clearly on a search. His findings will include humorous, touching, and poignant insights of all ages and experiences.  Are these insights helpful to him?  Are they helpful to understanding each other and making our world a more compassionate place to live and work?  While Chris asks these meaning-filled questions on the Big Screen, he hopes the film sparks conversations in theaters, at home, and back at work.

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